Beyond develops innovative, high quality and tailored solutions for travellers with special needs and anyone who needs a special support. Beyond offers Accessible and Sustainable Tourism Services and Home Help in Italy.

Senior manager: Riccardo Romano
An entrepreneur in the healthcare sector, Mr. Romano has much experience in this field. He was on the of Board of Directors for several health care companies as well as holding the chairmanship. Currently he is chairman of a consortium of private social cooperatives operating in the fields of social services and healthcare.

Senior manager: Luca Mirco
An attorney specializing in labour law and social services, Mr. Mirco is a counselor for the Superior Courts, a member of AGI (Associazione Giuslavoristi Italiani) and on scientific committee for AIFeCS (Italian Association of Education and Legal advice Security).

Senior manager: Fabio Cacioli
An attorney at law from University of Florence, he has been a council member for several companies and general manager of associations as well as the director of the Office for Economic Activities for the City of Florence. He was also general manager for a number of companies operating in the healthcare sector.



For anyone who needs personal assistance while on holiday in Florence and Tuscany Beyond has created unique and excellent services offering special assistance to individuals and small groups.

The primary goal is to be the offer travelers with special needs a safe and memorable holiday.
For the duration of their stay, guests will be looked after by highly specialized care assistants and a knowledgeable tour guide.
In order to provide a service of personalized healthcare, a team of experts will be available for the duration of trip.

Assistance, diagnostic tests, checkups and medical care are guaranteed 24 hours a day so health issues are no longer an obstacle to an unforgettable holiday in Florence, Italy.
A team of doctors, nurses, medical assistants provide the services. This team is available h24, taking care of any need, from the simple to the complex.

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Beyond works in cooperation with leaders in the tourism and social healthcare sector, such as Cap Viaggi and Consortium CORI.
If you are interested in one of our services or you want to know more send us an email to with your contact information, and a staff member from Beyond will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
The request should be submitted at least 45 days before departure date.

Knowing all your needs in details in advance will ensure that you will find the appropriate care upon arrival.
For example, if a guest has difficulty walking or is confined to a wheelchair Beyond will be able to interface with the tour operator to identify the most suitable excursions. Furthermore, having the dimensions of a wheelchair in advance will allow Beyond's team to locate the right size rooms for lodgings and locations ensuring a smooth stay.
This includes emergencies that may arise for which medical intervention is guaranteed by the public health system; the Beyond Team provides support in acquiring the necessary documents.

Initial cost

The preliminary examination costs 125 euro and includes:
- creating a personal folder; gathering and inputting information provided by the guest;
- sending a list of the most appropriate locations and other suggestions for the guest;
- meeting with Healthcare Personal to verify the special needs.



The Basic Service includes:

- h24 Healthcare Personal Assistant;
- weekly monitoring of the guest's health by Healthcare Personal Assistant;
- the possibility to request activation of other products from the tariff plan, according to needs as they occur.

The price of these services may vary depending on the duration of the guest's stay.


If you want to plan specific health services before your arrival, the team of Beyond will submit a detailed program regarding places, times and costs of services from the most accredited Health care structures in Florence.

Personalized health care will be provided at the hotels, holiday farms, etc., as arranged by the guest for his or her stay. Otherwise, if appropriate, health care service is guaranteed at locations from one of our accredited partners.

This service of Accessible Tours covers all destinations chosen by the guest, because Beyond believes that travelers with special needs deserve a holiday adjusted to their needs.

This is why Beyond srl has created a solid collaboration with organizations and institutions operating in the social health and tourist areas.
If guests wish suggestions about tour packages in Tuscany, Beyond has partnered with the tour operator CAP Viaggi, which has offerings for individuals or groups with original excursions and tours. Thanks to this synergy one will be able: to access wine cellars in order to taste unique wines from around Tuscany; watch the spectacular sunset at Forte Belvedere; enjoy a classical music concert in the cloister of the Bargello; visit secret rooms inside the Duomo; enjoy dinner in a restaurant where an original fresco depicts one of the first portraits of Dante .... Everything is arranged to make the experience original and exclusive, in complete comfort and safety.


Beyond provides home help to support those who are traveling alone or who have limited autonomy and cannot be assisted by family, in other words, the elderly, children and individuals with disabilities. 

Who needs a caregiver for a relative normally entrusts on the network of relationships and on the pass the word to find the right person. However, the circle of contacts who succeeds to reach is often very limited and the choice does not always fall on the best possible candidate. To expand the numebr of profiles to choose, Beyond has created the first portal aimed at selection of caregiver so as to allow everyone to better meet his needs. 

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Beyond supports the promotion and the development of initiatives and counseling services to encourage sustainable and accessible programs and services as well as to raise the requirements and quality standards thanks to the creation of new organizational models. Beyond also recruits and provides training of qualified personnel, specialized in the social and healthcare sector.

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The Consortium CORI is an important reference point for public and private companies. It supplies high standard services in the healthcare sector and supports the Community Welfare System.


Tour operator based in Tuscany with over 50 years experience, specialized in leisure and business tourism, outgoing and incoming travelers. They work with well qualified structures and companies to guarantee quality and professional services.


Village of Consolata is a company which is specialized in physical, mental and sensory disabilities. It develops care plans and individual rehabilitation and educational programs through a variety of activities to promote physical and mental wellbeing, self-sufficiency, socialization and integration with the external environment.


Il Sole Firenze Cooperative's expertise in healthcare stands out for the promotion of service of Home Help, with the collaboration of local and national organizations.


Uno di noi Cooperative provides help and healthcare services in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.


Amicus Fidelis Foundation Onlus works within the project "Dopo di Noi" (After Us) and is focused on families who have children with disabilities or lack independence.

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